“Helps me concentrate I play a quick game if I can’t concentrate on what I am doing. Focus!” – Bipin Das

“Love it Perfect timing..its summer break will pass it on to my son.” –  Gopi Palaniappan

“Good Very smart and helps sharpen the brain” – Susan Bus-Kwofie

Simple and quick Very addictive” – Debraj Tripathy

Addictive Simple and fun” – Bikram Sherawat

About Us

We are concerned parents of a dreamer whose, large part of life, is inside gadgets.

Not sure if we are satiating our needs but we want him in touch with other things outside these gadgets.

Hence we are on this mission to create portals inside these devices which form a pathway to the outside world.

Contact Us

This is a family owned business (we don’t make bread or wine):

Indivar Reddy (indi (at) supercore (dot) in)

Sanjukta Reddy (sanjukta (at) supercore (dot) in)